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Turning 30 with a life-threatening diagnosis - Laura's story

Laura has just turned 30 and acknowledged it was time for a health check. Naturally fit and active, Laura was shocked with her sudden diagnosis of stage 1B cervical cancer.

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Meet Wanda - the 'super responder'

A little more than 18 years ago Wanda was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the deadliest of all women's cancers. The overall five-year survival rate for this type of cancer is just 49%.

But Wanda is what the ovarian cancer research community calls a 'super responder' - one of the lucky ones who defied the odds.

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Larissa Nguyen: Thank you Aunty Lan

Contemporary abstract artist Larissa Nguyen has chosen to support Honour Her for the second year in honour of her Aunty Lan, who was affected by endometrial cancer and has been the inspiration behind Larissa’s return to art.

Learn more about Larissa and how you can help her raise funds for vital gynaecological cancer research through art this September.

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Olga Dziemidowicz: Gratitude, positivity and hope, despite great loss

Visual artist Olga, was inspired to donate a piece of art to Honour Her, the campaign resonated with her having lost her mother to ovarian cancer in 2019. A loving and cheerful lady who dealt with her illness with grace, Olga draws inspiration from her mother’s values, gratitude, positivity and hope.

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"At least you have a nice shaped head!"

Despite presenting with symptoms common in ovarian cancer patients, Victoria's GP initially diagnosed stress, and after 8 months IBS. Her own medical training and experience told her it was neither and she was proven correct, almost too late.  Now, more than ever, women of all ages need to take agency and be aware of the symptoms of gynaecological cancers. Don’t let Her story become your story.

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Salleigh Olsen: Love Never Fades

For the second consecutive year, contemporary artist Salleigh Olsen is supporting Honour Her. Salleigh’s art is about creating women that show strength and beauty, conveyed through works that are an edgy and contemporary journey of colour, mood, expressionism and abstraction. Learn more about Salleigh and how you can help her raise funds for gynaecological cancer through art this September.

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Ron Talbot: Bold Brave and Colourful

Impressionist artist Ron Talbot has been painting since 2002, often working with bright, bold colours. Ron is a long-time supporter of WomenCan and Honour Her. This year and every year he honours his wife, Andre Burgess, who lost her fight with Ovarian cancer in 2019.

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"It's Not Proper Cancer!"

Spending her 70th birthday surrounded by doctors and nurses, rather than family and friends, wasn’t in her diary, but seeking medical advice for a small change specifically, rather than waiting for her next general check-up meant Norma got to celebrate the milestone.

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Katie McKinnon: Fragility and resilience through art

Melbourne based visual artist Katie McKinnon is supporting Honour Her for the second year, to honour Angela, the much loved and missed mother of her dear friend Maria. Angela had ovarian cancer and passed away five years ago.  Help Katie raise funds for gynaecological cancer through art this September.

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Madi Martin: Honouring 'Nam' through unique art

In her first-time supporting Honour Her, professional illustrator Madi Martin has made an impact by introducing a new medium to the virtual gallery – hand drawn illustrations - and honouring her Nam with her unique brand of art

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At just 13 and suffering bloating and fatigue for a few months, it was unexplained and significant weight loss that finally prompted a visit to her GP for a life changing examination and diagnosis.  Ignoring these common symptoms any longer would have meant a very different outcome …

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Meredith Howse: Oncology Nurse turned Artist

Meredith Howse, oncology nurse turned artist, understands the pain and suffering gynaecological cancer can cause. Help Meredith raise funds for gynaecological cancer through art this September.

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Ivana Pinaffo: Inspired by courage, determination and hope

Award winning artist Ivana Pinaffo is inspired by ‘the courage, determination and hope that every woman endures’ Learn more about Ivana and how you can purchase her artwork ‘Blossoms after a challenge’

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September is gynaecological cancer awareness month - a cause that is very close to theheart of NSW based artist Robyn Ross, with the disease having impacted both her mother and very close friends.

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From one-liners with her chemo team to dinnertime jokes with her grandchildren, Merry Bentley from Sydney has spent eight years battling endometrial cancer the only way she knows how – with fierce determination and her trademark positivity. 

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The artists in the Honour Her online auction take their inspiration from many different people and places. For renowned artist Jason Roberts, people and place combine in a special work inspired by his beloved aunt Gabrielle.

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Oncologist and cancer researcher Professor Kelly Anne Phillips has been trying to “answer the unanswered” for more than 25 years in pursuit of better health outcomes for women.

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United against uterine cancer

Associate Professor Yoland Antill is a medical oncologist from Melbourne who’s worked in cancer research for many years. Now, she’s drawing on her vast experience to lead a group of researchers, doctors and patient advocates trying to improve outcomes for women with uterine cancer – and says it’s more important than ever to get behind their life-saving work.

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A local waterway wasn’t the only inspiration behind Annie Palmer’s painting Bushland Creek, which raised funds for cancer research. It reflects a personal journey, after her daughter Aleesa was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

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Ways to Honour Her

Get together and get involved to raise critical funds to support gynaecological cancer research to enable women to live better and live longer.

Get Involved

Create and sell art, host an Honour Her art exhibition, or host an art and sip fundraiser. Proceeds raised will go to urgently-needed gynaecological cancer research.


Virtual gallery

Purchase artwork from our virtual gallery created by leading & community artists. Starting at just $100, you’ll be securing a beautiful piece of art while supporting a great cause, with 100% of the proceeds going to Honour Her.


Honour wall

New for 2022, you can honour a loved one on our Honour Wall. By doing this you’ll be directly contributing to pioneering research that will enable thousands of women to live better, longer lives.