Larissa Nguyen: Thank you Aunty Lan


21 September 2022

Larissa is an abstract artist based in Perth, WA. She creates evocative, abstract atmospheric landscapes and modern minimalist expressions. She produces art using acrylic and oils and often layers her work with texture and gold leaf accents. For Larissa, painting is like soul searching and each artwork is a reflection. She finds that what she paints is often what she needs the most.

‘Abstraction gives me freedom, leaves room for surprises and encourages me to be brave.’

Larissa feels grateful to be taking part in the Honour Her campaign once again. Larissa’s Aunty Lan is the reason why she is taking part in Honour Her and Aunty Lan is the reason Larissa found her way back to art, having picked up her paintbrushes to create new artworks for her aunt’s new home. Larissa chooses to support Honour Her to help raise funds in her name and to thank her for her support and the positive influence she has had and continues to make in Larissa’s life.

“My aunt was also previously affected by endometrial cancer. Thankfully in her case, doctors were able to diagnose the cancer at a critical point in time and she was able to have it removed immediately. This saved her life and has allowed her to make a difference in mine and so many others. But she was really lucky.”

Larissa hopes that funds raised from the sale of her artwork will fund research into better treatment outcomes for women, so they have a higher chance of survival and that they may continue to touch the lives of those who hold them dear and offer their gifts to the world.

This year Larissa has contributed several pieces or art to the Honour Her Online Auction, donating 50% of all proceeds raised through the sale of her paintings ‘Storm Born’, ‘Just Be’ and Dream Catcher’.

‘Storm Born (pictured) is a celebration of those who find the strength to survive through the darkest days; for those who pick themselves up from every defeat, every fall and carry forward. For the strongest in spirit are those who survive the heaviest storms and find their way back into the sun.'

The Honour Her Online Art Auction is open for bidding until 8pm, Sunday 25 September. You can view and bid on the artworks by Larissa and other in-demand artists by clicking the link below.

Online Auction

We acknowledge the artworks of Larissa Nguyen ‘Storm Born’