The Honour Her Gallery and Auction has now closed for 2021. 

WomenCan would like to thank all renowned, emerging and community artists who contributed art works to the Honour Her 2021 campaign, raising funds for gynaecological cancer research

In the fight against gynaecological cancer, every picture tells a story – of courage, of hope, of discovery.

Honour Her Campaign

During September 2021, Honour Her bought together renowned and community artists to tell important stories of women in support of the 6,500 Australian women diagnosed with gynaecological cancer each year, and those working hard to enable them to live better and live longer.

Gynaecological cancers are the third most common cancers in women, but they can be difficult to diagnose and have much lower survival rates than other cancers. While 91% of women survive breast cancer five years after diagnosis, this number drops to 46% for women with ovarian cancer.

Honour Her funds state-of-the-art research and clinical trials that will help change this story for the 18 women diagnosed with gynaecological cancer every day.

How you can Honour Her

There are three ways to Honour Her and fund pioneering discoveries in gynaecological cancer this September.

Online auction

Bid on a unique work of art by a renowned or leading artist, inspired by the themes of Honour Her – 50% of the proceeds from every piece will go to urgently-needed gynaecological cancer research.


Virtual gallery

Purchase artwork from our virtual gallery created by leading and community artists. For just $150, you’ll be securing a beautiful piece of art while supporting a great cause, with 100% of the proceeds going to Honour Her.



Make a kind donation to Honour Her and you’ll be directly contributing to pioneering research that will enable thousands of women to live better, longer lives.

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Honouring a life of adventure

The artists in the Honour Her online auction take their inspiration from many different people and places. For renowned artist Jason Roberts, people and place combine in a special work inspired by his beloved aunt Gabrielle.

Before being diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1986, Gabrielle travelled throughout Europe as an opera singer. Thirty years on, Jason is honouring his aunt’s love of travel and the arts with a nod to her favourite city.

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Finding the answer for ovarian cancer

Oncologist and cancer researcher Professor Kelly Anne Phillips has been trying to “answer the unanswered” for more than 25 years in pursuit of better health outcomes for women.

In her current clinical trial, supported by ANZGOG and WomenCan, she is turning her attention to a potential solution that is surprisingly simple – but could be life-changing for women affected by ovarian cancer.

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