The strength of community

Together, we can enable women affected by gynaecological cancer to live better, longer lives.

Honour Her is an initiative of WomenCan, fundraising for the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG).

By harnessing the power of community, WomenCan supports state-of-the-art research and clinical trials that are creating real change for women affected by gynaecological cancer.

About gynaecological cancer

This year, 6800 Australian women will be told they have gynaecological cancer. That’s 19 women every day.

Gynaecological cancers are cancers of the female reproductive system. There are seven types:

Ovarian (fallopian tube)  Vaginal 
Uterine (endometrial) Cervical 
Vulval  Two rare pregnancy - related cancers

They are the third most common cancers in women, but they can be hard to diagnose and only one (cervical cancer) has a routine screening test.

They also have a much lower survival rate than other cancers – while 9 out of 10 women survive breast cancer five years after diagnosis, this number drops to 5 out of 10 for ovarian cancer.

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About WomenCan

Our mission is to engage the community to fund pioneering discoveries that enable women with a gynaecological cancer to live better and live longer.

We support the national gynaecological cancer research group (ANZGOG), by funding innovative gynaecological cancer research and clinical trials.

WomenCan believes the power of the collective, united in a common purpose, can make a real difference in the lives of women with gynaecological cancers.

We have seen first-hand how strong, determined and courageous women are in the face of a life-threatening disease. We believe that WomenCan be even stronger with you, the community, by their side.



The Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) is the peak national gynaecological cancer research organisation for Australia and New Zealand. ANZGOG has more than 1200 members representing clinical, allied health and pure research specialities.

ANZGOG clinical trials are conducted at more than 60 hospital sites and include both local and global collaborations to ensure the best research is available for women.

Our purpose is to improve the outcomes and quality of life for women with gynaecological cancers by conducting and promoting cooperative clinical trials, as well as undertaking multidisciplinary research into causes, prevention and treatments of gynaecological cancer.


Ways to Honour Her

Get together and get involved to raise critical funds to support gynaecological cancer research to enable women to live better and live longer.

Get involved

Create and sell art, host an Honour Her art exhibition, or host an art and sip fundraiser. Proceeds raised will go to urgently-needed gynaecological cancer research.


Virtual gallery

Purchase artwork from our virtual gallery created by leading & community artists. Starting at just $100, you’ll be securing a beautiful piece of art while supporting a great cause, with 100% of the proceeds going to Honour Her.


Honour wall

New for 2022, you can honour a loved one on our Honour Wall. By doing this you’ll be directly contributing to pioneering research that will enable thousands of women to live better, longer lives.