Leaving a gift in your will benefits women now and long into the future.


Every year in Australia alone, a diagnosis of gynaecological cancer affects 6,800 women.

WomenCan fundraises for the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group, (ANZGOG), which is the peak organisation for gynaecological clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand. You will be helping pioneer new discoveries which will improve outcomes and quality of life for everyone with a lived experience of gynaecological cancer.

Every day over 1,300 ANZGOG members treat women with one of the gynaecological cancers: ovarian (fallopian tube), cervix, uterine (endometrial), vagina, vulvar or placenta (rare).

It is for this reason our members are passionate about clinical research in this space. ANZGOG members are who women and their families rely on to improve their survival and overall quality of life following a diagnosis of cancer.

Legacy Gift

Rose Varga lived life on her own terms, travelling Australia in a Kombi van with her husband Des after they arrived as refugees from Hungary. She also understood the urgency of research into ovarian cancer. She participated in several clinical trials and passed away at 81 years.

Her belief in clinical trial research is making a lasting difference. Rose left a gift in her Will and her generous legacy helped launch the OASIS Initiative – a world-class collaborative research program for ovarian cancer.

Rose’s gift has enabled a series of trials that personalise treatment for women affected by ovarian cancer.

How to include a Gift In Will

There are different ways to leave a gift in your will to ANZGOG:

  • Residual (remainder of estate after specific gifts have been disbursed)
  • Pecuniary (a specific dollar amount)
  • Percentage (a percentage of either the residue or the entire estate)
  • A Specific Asset (real estate, shares, bonds)

We recommend you consult with you solicitor, provide them the following wording to include in your Will, and advise them of your preferred method of giving:

I (your name) give to the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group:

– the residue of my estate, or

– ________ % of my estate, or

– the lump sum of $ _____________ , or

– my property known as ______________________________________________

[e.g. real estate, artworks, shares, units or other securities in listed companies.]

To be applied for general purposes by ANZGOG as determined by its Directors. “I declare that the receipt of an authorised officer of ANZGOG will be sufficient discharge to my executors who will not be bound to see the application of the gift.”

Download ANZGOG's Bequest Brochure

Would you like to discuss a Gift in your Will to benefit women with gynaecological cancer long into the future?

For all enquiries please contact Karen Livingstone AM, Manager, Advocacy & Development at ANZGOG & WomenCan; karen.livingstone@anzgog.org.au or on 1300 786 300.

ANZGOG (ABN 69138649028)  is a registered DGR 1 charity and registered with the Australian Charities and Not For Profit Commission.


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