Olga Dziemidowicz: Gratitude, positivity and hope, despite great loss


21 September 2022

Melbourne based contemporary visual artist Olga Dziemidowicz paints to honour her inner calling and celebrate the world around her. This year Olga has chosen to be a part of Honour Her as the campaign and it’s purpose resonated with her on a personal level, having lost her mother to ovarian cancer in 2019.

“She was a loving and cheerful person who loved travelling and working in her garden. Always full of life and energy, she dealt with her illness with grace. I felt a terrible loss when she passed.”

Olga began her career in architecture, moving to corporate innovation. But in 2019 Olga decided to follow her true calling as an artist, selling her work both nationally and internationally.  In her art, she creates colourful images of landscapes and people, jolting viewers into seeing it anew, inspiring gratitude and appreciation of our inner world, self, and the world around us.

Olga’s artwork ‘The Goddess’ is a tribute to the power within us. An image of empowerment and connection to something bigger. 

“We all have energy within us, a potential power that we hold. It’s vibrating, circulating and warm. We are energy”

Most of Olga’s art is about gratitude, beauty, positivity and hope. She hopes that her artwork will help find a better cure, bring hope, or minimise the suffering of even one person. This year Olga has donated 2 pieces of work, ‘The Goddess’ (pictured) and ‘Peeling the Layers'. Olga is donating 100% of the proceeds raised through the sale of these artworks to raise funds for much-needed gynaecological cancer research.

To share Olga’s desire to bring hope to women diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer, please visit the Virtual Gallery to view the art. You can also purchase art available in the Virtual Gallery until 30 September.

Virtual Gallery

We acknowledge the artworks of Olga Dziemidowicz ‘The Goddess’