Salleigh Olsen: Love Never fades


15 September 2022

Salleigh Olsen’s works are an edgy and contemporary journey of colour, mood, expressionism and abstraction. Her subjects are expressed through fluid lines in mixed media, the bodies are kept bare emphasising their natural body. Salleigh’s artworks reflect mood, expression and thought through the female form.

Salleigh Olsen has had sell-out solo shows, with her works being well received for originality and diversity, her art is about creating women that show strength and beauty.

For the second consecutive year, Salleigh is supporting Honour Her. This year, she will donate 50% of all proceeds raised through the sale of her painting ‘Love Never Fades’.

‘Love Never Fades’ is about the emotions felt when someone close has left…there is a sense of fading and a sense of longing. This work shows hope, strength and not letting go of the love you have.

The Honour Her Online Art Auction is open for bidding between 15 September to 25 September.

You can view and bid on the artwork available from Salleigh and other in-demand artists by visiting clicking below.

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We acknowledge the artworks of Salleigh Olsen 'Love Never Fades'