Katie McKinnon: Fragility and resilience through art

9 September 2022

Melbourne based visual artist Katie McKinnon is supporting Honour Her for the second year, to honour Angela, the much loved and missed mother of her dear friend Maria. Angela had ovarian cancer and passed away five years ago.  Help Katie raise funds for gynaecological cancer through art this September.

Katie McKinnon's ethereal paintings and textile designs of Australian land and seascapes, address the immensity, fragility, eccentricity and resilience of the natural world.

“The reference in my painting to the Victorian Alps reminds us to look at the world through the lens of awe and wonder. There are examples of natural phenomena all around us, and what is possible. Our collective strength and power is immense, and together we can ‘move mountains’.

In her colour-driven creative practice, Katie works intuitively beyond the brush, using random mark making, pouring, collage and drawing techniques, often experimenting with found objects, natural pigments and organic materials. Seeking with every mark to communicate her optimism, deep gratitude, and sense of awe and wonder in nature. Katie finds particular joy in making art outside in the bush or by the ocean.

Katie has studied contemporary painting at the Victorian College of the Arts, and her paintings and sculpture have been exhibited in numerous group and solo shows. Katie's work is held in private and corporate collections in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the UK, Europe and North America.

This year, Katie will donate 50% of all proceeds raised through the sale of her painting Sentinel – Happy Overnight (Victorian Alps) to raise funds for much-needed gynaecological cancer research.

We acknowledge the artwork of Katie McKinnon 'Sentinel - Happy Overnight (Victorian Alps)"

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