Madi Martin: Honouring 'Nam' through unique art

9 September 2022

In her first-time supporting Honour Her, professional illustrator Madi Martin has made an impact by introducing a new medium to the virtual gallery – hand drawn illustrations - and honouring her Nam with her unique brand of art.

Nam has always been a part of my artistic journey, and always supported me, she’s got a wicked sense of humour and she’s always down for an adventure. I absolutely adore her."

A Du Rietz Award finalist for 2022, Madi has been exhibiting and selling her work for a decade. She is also currently working on her manuscript, a small business owner, an educator and co-founder of Against the Tide - South Coast Alternative Artists and Artisans.

Madi’s submission, 'I’ve Got You' stems from her own journey supporting her grandmother in her fight with endometrial cancer.

“’I’ve Got You’ is about resilience, and bravery - which she has demonstrated in spades, but is also about tending to our own wounds. Cancer has such a wide reach when it affects families, and no one gets away without some battle scars, so this piece is about that. It’s about healing and standing tall for one another. It’s about love, and it’s about the women in my life that have shown me what kind of woman I want to be.”

Madi was motivated to be a part of Honour Her to support women like her Nam, and their families, through the most difficult times of their lives. Madi hopes that her art’s message of kindness, gentleness, and healing can be a small part of the narrative of softening the road for those with gynaecological cancer.

‘I’ve got you’ stems from the artist’s family’s journey, but maybe you can see your family journey in there too.

Madi will donate 100% of the proceeds raised through the sale of her work 'I’ve Got You' to raise funds for much-needed gynaecological cancer research.

We encourage you to visit the Virtual Gallery to view all available pieces of art for purchase. The virtual gallery will be open for viewing and purchase during September.

We acknowledge the artwork of Madi Martin 'I've Got You'