Ivana Pinaffo: Inspired by courage, determination and hope

1 September 2022

Award-winning artist Ivana Pinaffo is inspired by ‘the courage, determination and hope that every woman endures’ Learn more about Ivana and how you can purchase her artwork ‘Blossoms after a challenge’

For the third consecutive year, award winning artist Ivana Pinaffo, will donate a piece of artwork to Honour Her. Titled ‘Blossoms after a challenge’, the use of bright colours and broad brush strokes brings these blossoms alive.

It is the courage, determination and hope that every woman endures that touches Ivana’s heart and inspires her to contribute to Honour Her, in the hope that her effort as an artist can help in the future.

Over the years Ivana has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions. She has sold her art at art galleries and her art is commissioned and represented in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Malta, US, Poland, France and more.

This year, Ivana will donate 100% of the proceeds raised through the sale of her painting ‘Blossoms after a challenge’ to raise funds for much needed gynaecological cancer research.

We encourage you to visit the Virtual Gallery to view all available pieces of art for purchase. The virtual gallery will be open for viewing and purchase during September.

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