New study in advanced gynaecological cancer opens to recruitment

01 Feb 2023

ANZGOG’s new quality of life study for patients with advanced gynaecological cancers, PEACE, has officially to opened to recruitment after activating its first site, Canberra Hospital.

The study will give advanced gynaecological cancer patients and their carers an opportunity to give feedback on their quality of life, especially around their satisfaction and expectations of care.

PEACE Principal Investigator, Dr Alison Davis 

Little is known about advanced gynaecological cancer patient's perspectives regarding their care as they approach the end-of-life (EOL) phase of their illness. Understanding patients’ preferences and expectations for end-of-life care is a vital first step towards optimising and individualising that care.  However, it is recognised that collecting this information from this vulnerable patient group is likely to be challenging. 

The aim of the PEACE study is to assess the feasibility of collecting data on patient and carer satisfaction and expectations for care towards EOL. It will also collect details on the specifics of care and obtain preliminary data on patient and carer satisfaction with care and the importance of various aspects of care. In addition to this, we will assess carer satisfaction with the patient's dying experience.

If feasibility is confirmed, we hope to expand the study to allow adequate assessment of patient and carer satisfaction and the importance of different aspects of care. This information could then be used to guide improvements in EOL care, in line with individual patients' preferences and expectations.”

The PEACE clinical trial plans to open in three sites in Australia, with a target of recruiting 73 participants globally.

  • Canberra Hospital, ACT
  • Chris O’Brien Hospital Lifehouse, NSW
  • Newcastle Private Hospital, NSW

ANZGOG trials are developed and led by their members, others are part of an international collaboration where ANZGOG leads the Australian and New Zealand operations. In this way, ANZGOG are able to offer a wide range of trials and fast-track new treatments for women in Australia and New Zealand.

WomenCan recommends speaking to your oncologist for more information on how to participate in a clinical trial.

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