Newcastle Maitland Team Teal Launch

07 Feb 2020

Saturday 1st February saw Newcastle Maitland Mini Trot Club have their Team Teal Launch night at Newcastle International Paceway.

15 junior drivers raced on the night with 13 of these drivers being female junior drivers, racing in Teal pants and wearing them proudly. With each pony having three races seen a clean sweep on the night for the girls with them placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in every race.

Rylee Kiddle, visiting from Tamworth club with her pony Mr Rocket Fuel, won the first race. Gracie Brislane on Fatboy Rastas took the second, and Ebony Stuart of Mischief Managed won race three. All drivers had a great night of racing.

Some of the girls have gained sponsors for Team Teal working on raising funds to support ovarian cancer.

In between racing their ponies, the girls and boys of the club sold cupcakes, wristbands, Hygain teal hats, and raffle tickets - raising money and awareness on behalf of WomenCan. Working together, we will continue with more fundraising events through Team Teal including Ladies Teal High Tea, and Team Teal race night Saturday 14th March.

#getrealsupportteal #WomenCan

Pictured below we have Gracie Brislane and Fatboy Rastas (left) and Jorja Daskalovski and Oreo (right).