"Of all the roads you travel, make sure some of them are dirt!"

07 Jun 2023

WomenCan’s Larapinta trek in the Northern Territory has become a popular activity on the calendar, attracting ANZGOG members; WomenCan supporters, and people with a lived experience of gynaecological cancer all pulling on their hiking boots, hitting the trail, and raising funds for ANZGOG’s research programs.

ANZGOG member Professor Linda Mileshkin lives a very busy life.

Linda is the Director of Medical Oncology at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Chair of ANZGOG’s endometrial cancer research initiative - EDEN, a mother of two, and now Linda has now added one more string to her bow – a WomenCan Larapinta 2023 trekker.

The Larapinta Trail is a five-day trek in the world-famous West McDonnell National Park and is home to the traditional owners of the land, the Arrernte people.

With the trek departing in August, Linda and her husband and now trekking partner Matthew are both excited for the upcoming adventure.

“I am looking forward to getting into nature and enjoying the Australian outback. I have not seen much of the Northern Territory, however, I did visit the Kimberleys when I was much younger on a family holiday and remember how beautiful it was - sleeping in swags, under the stars” she recalls.

On a personal level, training for the Larapinta trek has motivated Linda to achieve her fitness goals. In particular, she wants to be a positive role model for her patients which provides all the incentive she needs.

“I often speak with my patients about the importance of getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle. But I am very aware that keeping fit isn't always easy for everyone - me included. I do better if I have a goal to work towards.”

She has recently completed some of the most picturesque trails with her family, across the ditch in New Zealand, and is well and truly captivated by trekking.

A research leader and a long-time ANZGOG member, Linda is looking forward to connecting with other outback trekkers who share her passion for gynaecological cancer research and improving life for women with these diseases.

“I am passionate about gynaecological cancer research. The studies that we conduct are the only way forward to improve outcomes for women.”

“Conducting research and clinical trials are very expensive. It is vital to raise funds for ANZGOG’s research so that we improve treatment protocols and lead to better, more effective ways to treat women with less toxic treatments that have fewer side effects.”

Being part of WomenCan’s Larapinta trek has given Linda the opportunity to widen her network and talk to more people about the research she’s involved with.

“Most of my friends and family know that I am involved in clinical research, but this has given me the chance to discuss in more detail what it really means and how they can improve the future for women with gynaecological cancer by donating."

Recently, Linda was announced as the recipient of the ANZGOG Clinical Trial Achievement Award for 2023. She also has an important role as Chair of ANZGOG’s EDEN initiative to collaborate with other researchers to improve outcomes for women with endometrial cancer. 

Please support Linda and Matthew's Larapinta trek challenge by making a donation to support ANZGOG's gynaecological cancer research to enable women to live better, longer lives.

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