Endometrial cancer trial XPORT-EC-042 opens to recruitment

04 Dec 2023

The XPORT-EC-042 study is open to recruitment in Australia, after Border Medical Oncology Research Unit and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre were activated.

The Phase III trial, led by Coordinating Principal Investigators Associate Professor Yoland Antill and Dr Kate Webber (pictured below) in ANZ, aims to recruit 40 ANZ patients (220 globally) and open at 15 sites across Australia and New Zealand.

Meet the ANZ Coordinating Principal Investigators:

Associate Professor Yoland Antill 
Coordinating Principal Investigator, XPORT-EC-042
Medical Oncologist

Dr Kate Webber
Coordinating Principal Investigator, XPORT-EC-042
Medical Oncologist

What is XPORT and why is it needed?

Globally there is an unprecedented and concerning rise in the rates of endometrial cancer (which accounts for 90-95% of all uterine cancer cases). In Australia, case numbers have doubled over the last 20 years, whilst in New Zealand numbers have trebled. 

XPORT-EC-042, an international study that ANZGOG is leading in ANZ, will harbour collaborations with pharma (Karyopharm Therapeutics) and international organisations (ENGOT and GOG Foundation) to help recruit its global patient population. The trial offers hope in dealing with the challenges of managing endometrial cancer and particularly in focusing on patients with a rarer type of endometrial cancer with P53 wt. Drawing from the insights of Karyopharm's earlier research, XPORT-EC-042 kicks off a worldwide Phase III exploration with a targeted approach to improve patient outcomes.

ANZGOG's commitment to endometrial cancer research

Every year over 4,000 Australian and NZ women are diagnosed with endometrial cancer.  It is the most commonly diagnosed gynaecological cancer, and incidence rates are increasing year on year.

Despite this growing concern, endometrial cancer research is under-researched and critically under funded.
In recognition of this, ANZGOG launched the EDEN initiative, an endometrial cancer research program covering the following five focus areas:

1. Risk Factors
2. Early Detection
3. Primary Treatment
4. Recurrence
5. Survivorship

Learn more about ANZGOG's gynaecological cancer research programs and available clinical trials by clicking below:

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