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WomenCan fundraises for the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG), the peak national clinical trials research organisation for gynaecological cancer in Australia and New Zealand.

Our mission is to engage the community to fund research advances which change practice, improve life and provide hope.


Innovative Research

ANZGOG has more than 1,300 members representing clinical, allied health and pure research specialities. ANZGOG clinical trials are conducted at over 80 hospital sites and include both local and global collaborations to ensure the best research is available for women.

ANZGOG’s research portfolio continues to develop with 7 clinical trials currently open to recruitment, 3 clinical trials in start-up and a many more in pipeline.

*As at November 2023

Education & Prevention

Through programs like Survivors Teaching Students®, ANZGOG has created a space where ovarian cancer survivors and caregivers are invited to volunteer their time, and share their experience with the disease to health professional students to improve the likelihood of early detection.

“Women need to be aware of what the signs and symptoms of gynaecological cancers are, particularly ovarian cancer, as this is the most deadly out of all the gynaecological cancers.”

Jane Power, ovarian cancer survivor &

Survivors Teaching Students Regional Coordinator (Melbourne)

Fund for New Research Program

The Fund for New Research promotes the development of investigator-led studies from initial concept to full study.

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OASIS Initiative

The OASIS Initiative is a collaborative research program between ANZGOG and the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study to undertake small signal seeking trials that show sufficient evidence of clinical activity to allow larger randomised trials.

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Education & Research Initiatives

ANZGOG runs research initiatives, such as TR-ANZGOG and EDEN, and education initiatives like the Survivors Teaching Students® program.

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Gynaecological Cancer
Clinical Trials

WomenCan understands that a cancer diagnosis creates a great deal of uncertainty for patients, particularly when deciding on treatment options. This is why WomenCan believes that safety is of the upmost importance in relation to clinical trials, and why we support ANZGOG's research.

ANZGOG trials are developed and led by their members, others are part of an international collaboration where ANZGOG leads the Australian and New Zealand operations. In this way, ANZGOG are able to offer a wide range of trials and fast-track new treatments for women in Australia and New Zealand.

All clinical trials recruiting patients in Australia and New Zealand can be found on the Australia New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry.

WomenCan recommends speaking to your oncologist for more information on how to participate in a clinical trial.

"I’m only here because of women who have gone before me, so if there’s anything I can do, I will. It's just that very simple belief I guess."

Diana, participant in ANZGOG’s IGNITE trial


Sympton Benefit Story

ANZGOG’s Symptom Benefit study was borne out of an international meeting of researchers who identified the need for an instrument to measure the quality of life of ovarian cancer patients.

Symptom Benefit was an international ANZGOG-led study that recruited just short of 1000 patients, gathering data on patient-reported outcomes and symptom burden to establish a tool known as MOST used by clinicians to Measure Ovarian Symptoms and Treatment.

The MOST is now being incorporated in a number of trials as a tool to measure symptom control and quality of life to confirm the palliative benefit of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer patients.

The story of Symptom Benefit is one of great achievement that still holds much promise for the future making quality of life the focus. It demonstrates how ANZGOG are leading the way in improving care for women with ovarian cancer.


20 Years of Research

ANZGOG collaborates on a number of international groups to access the latest treatment options to around the world. These collaborations have been essential to enabling women to access clinical trials.

Since 2000, close to 4,000 patients have been recruited to ANZGOG trials.

To date, ANZGOG has enabled 60 clinical trials and studies across a range of gynaecological cancers, including chemotherapy, surgery and quality of life.  

"You can’t do a clinical trial all by yourself. You need the collaboration of lots of other people.

ANZGOG is the catalyst that brings these people together – from basic scientists who work in the lab to clinicians who work at the bedside, to patients and of course the wonderful generous donors whose gifts make this all possible."

Assoc Prof Alison Brand AM, Gynaecological Oncologist & Former ANZGOG Chair (2012-2018)

Only with thanks to our supporters can we continue to foster the new research ideas giving hope to women and those who love them.

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