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"Translational research is now front and centre of many cancer clinical trials. TR-ANZGOG aims to support trial investigators to achieve their translational aims, and to support current and future research that will improve outcomes for women with gynaecological cancer."

Professor Anna DeFazio- TR-ANZGOG Steering Committee member, Translational Researcher & Chair




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"The ANZGOG EDEN initiative is unique in that it aims to focus research activity on all aspects of endometrial cancer, from prevention and risk assessment to novel treatments of early and late-stage disease, as well as advocacy, awareness, and early detection."

Assoc Prof Alison Brand AM, Gynaecological Oncologist

Consumer Research Panel

The Consumer Research Panel is the mechanism for advice and input from gynaecological cancer survivors and their carers to ANZGOG’s various research committees, Board of Directors and members.

The panel enablesANZGOG to effectively represent the needs and expectations of gynaecological cancer consumers and helps set general research directions, priorities, and shape research for ANZGOG.

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