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About ANZGOG's Fund for New Research

The Fund for New Research program promotes the development of investigator-led studies from initial concept to full study. It is a critical pathway that enables the brightest gynaecological cancer researchers to progress their research ideas to contribute to current clinical trials, or even lead to a future clinical trial itself.

To progress new innovative research, WomenCan relies on public donations, bequest donations and philanthropic grants to support ANZGOG’s Fund For New Research program.

With this support, we have been able to support 25 innovative new studies from 2015-2023 inclusive. Without the Fund for New Research program, funding sources are limited for these kinds of studies.

Townsville Ovarian Cancer Group

Disability activist Helen Keller once said 'Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.’

What started as a passion to raise funds for research, grew into a movement of a passionate group of Townsville residents touched by ovarian cancer.  Led by Dr. Alisha Thomson, the group set out with a fundraising target of $45,000 to create a research grant.  Many fundraising events were held over several years, raising in excess of their target.  Following the death of one of their Townsville members, the Janice Mayes Memorial Grant was awarded in December 2021 for a high-grade serous ovarian cancer study undertaken by ANZGOG member, Professor Kum Kum Khanna.

"ANZGOG’s Fund for New Research Grants program, supported by public donations, is ideally suited to foster innovative new pre-clinical and pilot clinical trials in gynaecological cancers. This project is an excellent example of donor and researcher collaboration."

Professor Clare Scott AM, ANZGOG Chair

A Memorial Gift

Judith Meschke was a well-respected NIDA fashion design graduate, a costumier for Opera Australia and many other Australian productions including Moulin Rouge. Later in her career, Judith return to NIDA as a guest lecturer, passing on her expertise and skill to eager students.

Judith was 51 years old when she succumbed to ovarian cancer, specifically a rare clear cell ovarian carcinoma.

It was Judith’s wish to contribute directly to ovarian cancer research. Judith discussed her wish with her Medical Oncologist Professor Michael Friedlander AM. He spoke to Judith about the importance of supporting ANZGOG’s gynaecological cancer research program.

With great generosity, Judith left a $50,000 gift in her Will to ANZGOG. ANZGOG is grateful that Judith Meschke understood the importance her gift would make.

Judith Meschke

17.08.1966 – 21.04.2018

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If you would like to know more about how to donate towards a Fund For New Research grant, or how to leave A Gift in Will to benefit ANZGOG’s research, please contact WomenCan’s Head of Fundraising and Development, Karen Livingstone AM via our toll-free line 1300 786 300 to discuss.

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