'Wonder of Women' by Di Turnbull [acrylic and ink 8 x 10'']


Artist profile:

Di Turnbull

I am an exhibiting artist in Newcastle NSW. I work mostly in Mixed Media ie Acrylics,inks and charcoals.

My working career was in Medical Imaging at a Women’s Imaging Centre.Here I worked closely with Radiologists,Pathologists and Breast Surgeons .

I have seen first hand the impact these cancers have on women and their families.

I am always amazed at the Hope and Resilience of women even at the lowest time in their lives.

'I am supporting Honour Her'....

I am honoured to be able to support Honour Her and  to help  raise the important funds needed to research these devastating cancers.

My works hopefully convey the strength and beauty in women. Their hope, dreams and ability to look ahead to the future.

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