'Wings of Hope’ by Holly Oakley [acrylic on board 41cm x 31.5cm]


Artist Profile:

Holly Oakley

I am an artist that uses a combination of traditional and digital mediums. I strive to arouse the imagination with focus on creating a strong narrative through my works of art.

'I am supporting Honour Her'....

Within this artwork I honour my Mum (Merry) due to her strength, courage and determination.

Symbolically the hourglass represents the uncertainty of the future, wavering between the hopeful clinical trials and the chemical alternatives with added side effects.

The symbolic butterfly is supportive, its colourful wings creating hope through the loneliness and fear that is hard to share even with loved ones.

The Tree of Life is a connection, unifying the earth and the universe — the circle of life.

Faith, hope, love and luck are symbolised by the beautiful blue iris and four leafed clover. Add to this an unseen and heartfelt prayer that I have more time to create future memories with my beautiful mum.


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