Underwater Dreaming - Tania Harley



The restorative quality of water has always attracted me. Swimming or just being near it always makes me smile. This is a dreamlike representation of water.


40 cm x 26 cm 


Over ten years ago, I had a life changing car accident. Afterwards, I completed a 3 year diploma in Interior Design, Styling and Colour Consultancy. I had not done anything artistic for some time, when I volunteered to produce something for my mum in law after her home burnt down two years ago. So, I attended a refresher course on drawing and painting, then I was hooked. I also painted over 25 paintings for a local woman’s refuge.  I find my inspiration from Australian fauna, plants and flowers from my own garden and the world in general. Although I have not been painting for long, I am thoroughly enjoying my journey or discovery and learning. I have joined a local art group and I am always encouraged, inspired and helped by fellow members.