’The Real Princess’ by Hanna Rose [pastel and pencil on vintage story book paper 30cm x 40cm framed]


Artist profile:

Hanna Rose

Hanna Rose was born in regional Victoria. She always had a passion for art and design and as any creative person would know, its not a choice, but an innate need to create.

She studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT and majored in ceramics, however after a long hiatus and the birth of her son in 2012, she felt a strong desire to re-establish her art work and decided to focus on her other love of abstract painting. Her other passions include, fashion and interior design, ceramics, cooking, gardening and health and fitness. She is a passionate mother, wife and lover of life....and expressive colour.

She is based in Armadale, Victoria and sells her work online and through select stockists. She is working towards a solo exhibition. 

'I am supporting Honour Her'....

I immediately agreed to support Honour Her because I know too well how these diseases can strike any woman at any time. I’ve experienced the fear of uncertainty and know women who’ve had to face that terrifying reality. I will do anything I can to further research of treatments and prevention. 

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