'New Beginning - Baby Kooka' by Annie Palmer [acrylic on canvas 12'' x 9'']


Artist Profile:

Annie Palmer

I am challenged by the quest for a unique expression and interpretation of a variety of subject matters. Over the many years I have developed numerous unusual visual techniques using acrylics, water colours and mixed mediums, pastels and collages. I am very proud that no two paintings of mine are ever the same. I paint abstract and contemporary styles with a diverse variation of colours.

I love looking at the landscape, creating an abstract contemporary vision of that scene using palette knife and collages and acrylic inks. My passion is painting trees and the Australian bush. I attempt to bring to you, the viewer, and appreciation of the simple but beautiful things that surround us in life. I have sold many paintings here in Australia and overseas as well as exhibiting in many galleries. I share my passion for painting with a diverse group of artistic and creative friends and associates of all ages.

'I am supporting Honour Her'....

Annie`s daughter was 22 when diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. After several cone biopsies and after over 4 years of treatment & monitoring, her daughter finally went into remission. She was told she would be unable to ever carry children and 10 years later gave birth to beautiful healthy twin girls.

Instagram: @anniepalmerart