'My Happy Place' by Sandra Garritano [acrylic on canvas 8'' x 10'']


Artist Profile:

Sandra Garritano

Sandra grew up in the mid west of the United States and holds a degree in Fine and Applied Arts.  After a two year visit to Australia and falling in love with the colour and light found living by the water in Sydney, she made Australia her home. Sandra taught on the Northern Beaches for 40 years. Manly Girls now Freshwater High School, Barrenjoey High, Pittwater House, and Masada College.

“Today I feel like the magic of color” I am an abstract artist. I try to push how I express my everyday life, at the moment it is a walk on the beach at sunset. I consistently am trying to express a richness of the painterly expression, as a result my body of work has many themes, styles and layers of techniques!

'I am supporting Honour Her'....

My mother had breast cancer 40 years ago and we are all grateful she survived a total mastectomy and is still healthy at 92! She was one of the lucky ones, and research must continue to eradicate this deadly disease. I can do my small share through painting my happy place.



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