‘Honour’ by Robyn Ross [oil on canvas 25cm x 20cm unframed]


Artist Profile:

Robyn Ross

My artistic output has spanned many years. I am inspired by people, places, textures in fruits, vegetables and flora. My explorations in all my art, style and media are eclectic and I love to communicate through my art and share what and how I see the world.

'I am supporting Honour Her'....

My mother died of Ovarian Cancer 15 years ago and a dear friend lost her battle with gynaecological cancer more recently.

Both lost that battle far too young.

This painting, a profile of a women filled with flowers – simple plain grey background, makes a statement about there is so much going on inside in the fighting cancer, it takes strength and support and may all money raised from the sales of the art in this auction advance treatment and research.

Website: www.robynross.com.au

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