'Flinders Street Station' by Eva Rod [watercolour and ink 200mm x 150mm]


Artist Profile:

Eva Rod

Making the best out of a challenging period during the pandemic I have been “virtually” in search of things that would inspire me to paint.  Travel was quickly becoming something we were lucky to have experienced and something that we won’t be able to do for some time yet.  But, as I searched the Internet on my iPad through hundreds of photos, it was like I was looking through my very own window and I felt I was actually there.  I felt the sunshine, the fresh breeze, I could smell the salt of the sea and my eyes could not get enough.  I found myself particularly drawn to historical buildings or romantic places, some I have yet to visit.

This beautiful building, I have visited thousands of times.  My first visit would have been as a young child holding my mother’s hand.  As an only child till my brother was born seven and half years after me, I had become very close to my mother.  I looked up to her with love, respect and felt protected though I didn’t understand these feelings at the time.  I was in awe of her strength, her creativity and the beauty I saw in her.  We didn’t have a car in those early years and my mother would never have the opportunity to learn to drive.  Though I found public transport and shopping with her tiresome, I now look back with great nostalgia.  Flinders Street Station oozes nostalgia, beauty and its exterior has remained the same for one and half centuries.  It is a comforting constant, not dissimilar to how I would look at my mother during the time she was in our lives.

'I am supporting Honour Her'....

I am very excited to have the opportunity to support WomenCan through their initiative “Honour Her”.  With so many issues in our world currently it is easy to forget the important work done by these not for profit organisations.