‘Find Me’ by Ayse Alpandinar [acrylic on canvas 40cm x 40cm]


Artist Profile:

Ayse Alpandinar

My inspiration for my artwork begins when I find myself being drawn to things that touch my heart in someway.

Abstract art allows me the freedom to experiment, change, exaggerate and present my aesthetic interpretation and judgement.

My guide are my feelings and my heart. I am moved by colour, shape, a stroke of paint, line, textures in a way only I know and feel because it creates an emotional response in me. As such I find myself following my instinctive response above all else.

Art is intended to move the human spirit, to broaden our perception and evoke an emotional response through visual language. Some languages we understand and some we must learn.

Artist Statement

I believe we are constantly searching for our authentic self and that everything in life provides an opportunity to discover who we really are. This painting attempts to explore our innate connection with nature and how happy we feel immersed in mother nature.   

I believe the journey to understanding and appreciation of what is true and authentic within ourselves begins when we feel connected to our heart.

As the energy from the heart permeates through us it flows into the world. We feel a sense of interconnectedness and peace. There is no place for discontent. There is no separation between living creatures. We are all one sharing space in this beauty-full place we call earth. 

Instagram: @artby_ayse

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