'Canopy' by Gaya [medium cold wax on wood 12inches x 12inches]


Artist profile:


Gaya’s artistic journey began with her international and dynamic upbringing. Thecomplex and nuanced cultures she was exposed to across the many countries she hascalled home have weaved their way into her worldview, thereby inspiring her creativeprocess and outlook as an artist. A testament to universality, her career has,undoubtedly, been devoted to depicting the authentic and diverse reality of modernity inthe 21st century.

As an Australian, her art is also influenced by the rich landscape of Australasia, which have provided yet another opportunity for her to draw inspiration from and further her knowledge of indigenous communities around the world. As a woman, Gaya is committed to empowering the next generation of female leaders and creators. Her dedication to the visual arts has spanned a lifetime, dedicating her time to painting and creating with various art forms including, but not limited to: watercolour, oil, acrylics, cold wax and even Batik painting - truly defining her as a mixed media artist in the field of fine arts. Having exhibited internationally at events such as Art Basel Miami, National Art Gallery of Singapore, and, most recently, DEMO Milan.

To name a few, Gaya is currently working towards upcoming exhibitions in London, New York, Sydney,Melbourne and Florence. Gaya’s work features in many private collections worldwide, notably: Singapore, New Zealand, China, New York, California, and the UK. Her artwork has been purchased and commissioned by companies including fashion labels. Gaya’s art and art prints, as well as her licensed product lines, have been sold worldwide. She has also created commissioned work for multinational companies, organisations and creative entrepreneurs. Regardless, at the core of Gaya’s pursuits is the creation of art, for the love of it. 

'I am supporting Honour Her'.... 

I am supporting this cause as like many, the women in my family have been impacted by gynaecological malignancy which impacted on the quality and duration of their lives. As such, I would like to contribute to help raising funds for research to improve the lives of patients and their loved ones. 

*Due to the travel restrictions currently in place in Melbourne, delivery will be arranged at the end of October*