Walking is (wo)man's best medicine

23 Aug 2023

And so agree the 12 intrepid trekkers who have just safely returned from the WomenCan Larapinta trek. 

Covering over 90kms of the world-renowned Larapinta trail, the WomenCan trekking team embarked on the journey of their lifetime to raise funds for ANZGOG, advancing research, saving lives.

Included in the team of trekkers were ANZGOG members Professor Linda Mileshkin, Associate Professor Jeff Goh, and gynaecological cancer nurse specialist Adele Hudson plus passionate WomenCan supporters who all had lived experience of gynaecological cancer.

On an adventure of a lifetime, the trekking team walked 5 days along the grueling Larapinta trail, soaking up the ancient and majestic beauty of the Australian outback, while creating new friendships and lifelong memories with the other trekkers.

It was just an amazing group of people and a fantastic experience

Professor Linda Mileshkin
ANZGOG member & Medical Oncologist

Before commencing their journey from the historic Alice Springs Telegraph Station, the group participated in a Welcome to Country ceremony from the land’s traditional owners, the Arrernte people.

Setting up base camp at the picturesque Ormiston Gorge in the heart of the Western MacDonnell Ranges, the group took in the sights by day and slept beneath a blanket of stars at night in swags and tents.

Highlights included weaving along the Finke River – one of the oldest river systems in the world, traversing the Redbank Gorge to the Hilltop Lookout and being rewarded with spectacular views of Mt Sonder, trekking through the mulga woodland and past distinctive knobbly black rock to Rocky Bar Gap.

The most memorable day of the adventure was the 3am morning rise, in the dark and freezing conditions to climb to the summit of the iconic Mt Sonder (1380m).

After the challenging climb, the trekkers were rewarded with sweeping views in all directions, including all the tracks they had covered in the previous days, leading to this point. Plus, the trekkers were treated to something even more rewarding when they reached the summit …. Tim Tams!

It was a challenging trek with an exceptional & determined group of people from various backgrounds and locations around Australia. Through our local guide Immie, we have also learned to connect with the heart of this Great Southern Land, its flora, fauna and its First People”

Associate Professor (Dr) Jeffrey Goh
ANZGOG member & Medical Oncologist

But the WomenCan Larapinta trek is more than just a physical adventure. Tasked with the added challenge of reaching a fundraising target of $60,000 for ANZGOG’s research, the trekkers worked diligently before they departed, to increase their physical and mental fitness and also to meet the target.

The determination of this small, but passionate group of ANZGOG supporters was evident as they rose to the challenge, raising an impressive $75,000.

Thank you to all who supported WomenCan’s Larapinta trekkers. Your contribution to this tally will go towards enabling ANZGOG’s brightest clinicians and researchers to explore innovative ideas, foster collaborations and push the boundaries of medical knowledge that will benefit generations of women now and into the future. A perfect example of this donor-researcher collaboration is ANZGOG’s Fund for New Research Grant program.


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