Two for Teal - Race Name promotion

12 Dec 2022

In 2022, Mildura HRC implemented the very successful “Two for Teal” race name promotion, where they appealed to local business owners to name a race at their track during meets across the Team Teal period.

The aim - to sell 2 races per meet across four meets, setting a fundraising target of $3000.

To make payment easy, Mildura HRC set up a fundraising page on the WomenCan Team Teal website, with their logo, a description of Two for Teal and their fundraising target. 

The link to this page and an invitation to get involved was sent to their contacts.

Local businesses jumped on board, contributing $275 per race to secure the opportunity. Others chose to donate instead, using the same fundraising page.

Mildura HRC also ordered and sold Team Teal merchandise, bringing their final fundraising total to $3037.

It’s easy to join the Two for Teal movement, this is all you need to do.

  • Nominate which race meet/s across the Team Teal period your club will offer the race name promotion
  • Decide on the donation amount required to participate
  • Determine the benefits a race name supporter will receive (for example, race naming right, business name in form guide, 2 x tickets to the hospitality suite on race day and so on)
  • Set up a customised fundraising page on the WomenCan Team Teal website (WomenCan will assist you here if needed)
  • Send an invitation to your contacts, promoting Two for Teal and how they can get involved


Let’s TEAL UP THE TRACK in 2023!  For further information contact Jane Galloway at or on 1300 786 300.