ANZGOG’s annual report highlights impactful year in gynaecological cancer research

18 Oct 2023

ANZGOG has just released its Annual Report 2023 and WomenCan is happy to report that your support and contributions have played a pivotal role in the success stories ANZGOG has achieved in the field of gynaecological cancer research.

Under the leadership of ANZGOG Chair Professor Clare Scott AM, ANZGOG continues to push boundaries and make significant strides in improving the lives of those affected by gynaecological cancer.

"Our communities continue to provide support for our objectives by raising funds, advocating for research and delivering education. Our community is at the heart of ANZGOG, with our mission to improve life for everyone with a lived experience of gynaecological cancer." Professor Scott 

In 2023, ANZGOG's commitment to advancing gynaecological cancer research was evident. Funds raised from the WomenCan community enabled the organisation to successfully launch new trials, complete recruitment for others, and initiate the development of promising trials set to commence in 2022/23.

The Annual Scientific Meeting, themed "Improving the Lived Experience of Patients with Gynaecological Cancer," reflected ANZGOG's dedication to patient-centric approaches and provided a platform for some of Australia and New Zealand’s brightest minds to come together to collaborate on research that people with a lived experience of gynaecological cancer need.


In May 2023, ANZGOG leaders charted a new course with a 5-year strategic plan, introducing a refreshed vision: "Advancing Research, Saving Lives."

ANZGOG led the launch of Uterine Cancer Awareness Month in Australia, addressing growing concerns about the disease in collaboration with the International Gynaecologic Cancer Society (IGCS).

For further insights into these accomplishments and more, we encourage you to read the online and interactive Annual Report.

Your continued support propels us forward in creating a better future for those with lived experiences of gynaecological cancers. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey with us.

Read ANZGOG's Annual Report 2023