ANZGOG's new five-year roadmap: Advancing Research, Saving Lives

31 Aug 2023

In May 2023, a group of 24 ANZGOG members gathered to discuss the organisation’s values, purpose, and direction. This collaborative endeavour gave birth to an invigorating new strategic plan that will advance the excellence and impact of ANZGOG's gynaecological cancer research.

The new vision, "Advancing research, saving lives," embodies the very essence of ANZGOG’s purpose. The plan has been meticulously planned, centring around ANZGOG's mission: to improve outcomes and quality of life for everyone with a lived experience of gynaecological cancer by conducting and promoting clinical trials and multidisciplinary research.

ANZGOG 2023-2028 Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Catalyse innovative, practice-changing cooperative gynaecological cancer research 

  • Deliver diverse, high-quality research fueled by evidence, community insights, and impact.
  • Integrate clinical and translational research to broaden research horizons.
  • Embrace innovative trial designs and technologies to push boundaries.
  • Proactively drive participation in international research

Goal 2: Expand the reach, relevance and impact of ANZGOG’s research

  • Amplify impact through results-focused gynaecological cancer research.
  • Expand research reach in regional and rural contexts.
  • Cultivate robust engagement, participation, and influence in New Zealand.
  • Embrace diverse recruitment to enrich ANZGOG’s research accessibility.

Goal 3: Engage, collaborate and share expertise and insights

  • Cultivate purposeful engagement
  • Actively share research insights to foster a culture of collaboration.
  • Develop future leaders within ANZGOG through bespoke education.
  • Strengthen partnerships and expertise to ensure a broad, dynamic research network.

Goal 4: Sustain a vibrant and efficient research organisation

  • Grow and sustain a vibrant funding base for research sustainability.
  • Streamline membership and leadership renewal processes for agility.
  • Advocate for our cause with key stakeholders, securing ANZGOG's lasting impact.

Setting the stage for progress

The strategic plan outlines a vision of progress, collaboration, and innovation, all aimed at a common mission: improving outcomes and quality of life for everyone with a lived experience of gynaecological cancer.

Read ANZGOG Strategic Plan