"It's essential... it's urgent" - A researcher's perspective from Dr Alison Davis

30 Nov 1999

"Clinical trial research into gynaecological cancers is the only way we can improve outcomes for women. ANZGOG’s strength is doing this in collaboration with international researchers and in a scientifically sound manner, so we can justify our progress and really make a difference."   

Dr Alison Davis, Medical Oncologist, researcher, and Chair of ANZGOG'S Research Advisory Committee

"Our team at ANZGOG is very driven and passionate." explains Dr Davis

"We try to give access to new and exciting treatments to patients right around the country, not just in large centres. That means women in regional areas can be part of the drive for knowledge, without having to spend their precious time travelling away from their family. 

We’re at a critical new stage. Studies into personalised medicine are coming through."

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"That means finding a mutation we think is driving a woman’s cancer then finding a drug to block or impact on that mutation and kill the cancer cells.

An increasing reality is that we might be able to turn an imminently lethal disease into a more controlled disease, where it’s almost like a chronic illness.

Now it’s beholden on us to capitalise on the science and try to push it into outcomes for women.

It takes time to do the research. But the more research we do, the more impact we’ll have on individuals now and into the future.

And it’s only by having steady, reliable, consistent funding that we can move forward to expand our research program and find the next new breakthrough."

WomenCan funds ANZGOG’s research into gynaecological cancers, supporting the discoveries women urgently need.

As this year ends, please help us keep striving to improve women’s lives, into 2023 and beyond.

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