"Bubbles In The Bush" - On-course Events and Promotions

12 Dec 2022

Hosting an event is a fun way to encourage guests to visit your track. An event provides a good excuse for your local community to come together and have a fun day out while raising funds for Team Teal.

Types of events can include Girls Day Out, High Tea or a Cup Day luncheon.

Charlton Harness Racing Club have been running the successful "Bubbles in the Bush" since 2017, raising over $23,000 for Team Teal.

Here's what Charlton HRC suggest your club could consider when hosting a Team Teal race day event.

  • DATE – Is there a significant race meet happening over Team Teal eg Cup Day?
  • SPONSOR – helps cover the cost to put on the event, resulting in less cost to the club
  • GUEST SPEAKER – WomenCan can assist to find a speaker to talk about gynaecological cancer and the importance of raising funds through Team Teal
  • WOMEN IN RACING – Is there an opportunity to interview a prominent woman in harness racing? Maybe a Team Teal ambassador, a successful driver or a local junior driver starting out her career as a driver 
  • FUNDRAISING – How are you going to raise funds?  Ideas include raffle & live auction (with all prizes donated), proceeds from a signature cocktail created for your event, merchandise sales, a spinning wheel that runs throughout the day on course.
  • DONATIONS – WomenCan will provide a QR code for your fundraising page to capture additional donations from the community
  • MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT – Is there room in the event program for music or additional entertainment? Photo booth’s are always popular!
  • CATERING – Can the on-track caterers or a local business assist with discounted or donated food?  
  • DECORATIONS AND STYLING – It is important to create an instant impact and make the event room or course look colourful and fun. Dressed tables are a must!  
  • INVITATIONS – How will you advertise your event to potential guests? Are there groups you can target – lady members, local sports, service clubs or business owners who may organise a group to come along?
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Don’t forget to advertise on your web site, Facebook page and local radio 
  • FINALLY, BUBBLES - very cold and lots of it!


Let’s TEAL UP THE TRACK in 2023!  For further information contact Jane Galloway at jane.galloway@anzgog.org.au or on 1300 786 300.