“The summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters.”

26 Jul 2023

When Medical Oncologist Associate Professor (Dr) Jeffrey Goh had the opportunity to sign up for WomenCan's Larapinta trek, he immediately jumped on board. As an ANZGOG member, past Board member, an Adjunct Professor at QUT and Medical Oncologist at Icon Cancer Centre in Brisbane, Jeff is eager to let his feet do the talking by trekking the Larapinta trail - raising funds for ANZGOG's vital gynaecological cancer research programs.

We are grateful that Jeff took time out of his busy schedule to give us some insight into why he is feels so empowered to be part of this year’s adventure.

“I think it’s important for us all to support ANZGOG’s research. Thanks to the work of the team at WomenCan, awareness of gynaecological cancer is so much more visible compared to when I first started as a Medical Oncologist. Breast cancer has had a lot of attention given to it; therefore, they received more research funding.  Ovarian and other gynaecological cancers do not receive as much funding; therefore, I think my participation can be useful to help push the profile up.”

 “There are a lot of women, of all ages, who will benefit from increased gynaecological cancer research. For instance, cervical cancer affects a lot of younger women. Ovarian cancer is such a chronic disease, and women need better treatment options for these cancers” said Associate Professor Goh.

 “It is important for my patients, the women I treat and all women with gynaecological cancer to know their medical specialist is actively doing what they can to improve outcomes for them, improving cure rates and improving the quality of life for women. It’s been the focus of my career and not going to stop anytime soon.”

No stranger to the Northern Territory, Jeff has been fortunate to have previously visited Alice Springs and the Ormiston Gorge, Uluru, and Kings Canyon. “I love the Australian outback. The gorges and canyons are so ancient and beautiful” he says “I have been to the Grand Canyon in the USA, but you can’t compare that to the Australian outback, with its rich colours and history.”

In preparation for his Larapinta adventure experience, Jeff has tackled his training with the same determination he shows in caring for his patients.

“I have joined a walking group and we do weekly walks around Brisbane including the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, which has lots of stairs. I also training hikes at Mt Cootha on its trails, up and down hills as well as seeing a personal trainer plus doing pilates weekly.”

Tasked with hitting a fundraising target of $60,000, Jeff Goh and his fellow trekkers are working hard to meet this target by the time they depart for the trek on 8 August.

In a final thought Jeff adds “While it will be strange not to have mobile phone service, it will be good to disconnect from civilization for a few days and connect with the sky, earth, landscape and marvel at its creation. Not to mention, to share the journey with likeminded fellow trekkers!”

As the countdown to the trek continues, you can support Jeff's efforts, contributing to our goal.

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