In Loving Memory of Beverley Hayde

By Ginette Emerson

Beverley Hayde was living happily in her later years with the things that mattered - her family – consisting of 2 daughters and 4 grandchild with 1 more grandchild along the way. Beverley was diagnosed with endometrial cancer at 67years of age at stage 4 and her world fell apart instantly.  Our mum Beverley wanted nothing more than to spend as much quality time with her family and friends, so she took the only option from her oncologist – chemotherapy.  This was to help do 2 things as she was already experiencing very harsh symptoms of cancer very quickly within weeks.

The chemo offered was to help reduce these symptom’s from the cancer (as the cancer was giving quite quickly harsh symptom’s) and have a better quality of life, with a longer period of life expected.

Our mum wanted to fight the battle without giving up.   She gave it 8 tough months.  But the cancer took her life. 

The chemo wasn’t nice, the side effects were not nice and the cancer itself was making mum very unwell.

Mum was kind loving and generous person and her life was taken too soon.  She has since had her 5th grandchild weeks after passing away that she didn’t get to meet along with so much more time she wanted to spend with all of her grandchildren.

If there was better treatment for this type or cancer, a screening to identify the cancer early on and treatment for the side effects of this cancer this would have made her life living with cancer or even without cancer more pleasant.  There is currently no test for endometrial cancer.  You often find out you have it with symptoms.  Which is often too late for many as it has spread to other organs.

We are raising funds to help fund research into clinical trails to help with various types of research including tests and treatments.

We know our mum would want to help others and we hope we can be a part of this through  funding for research to help save other lives and have a better quality of life.

Please donate if you can to help the future for endometrial cancer research.

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Clifford And Lesley Seeto

Missing you heaps Bev. Will cheer for your beloved team 2024 !



It’s been a very tough and sad time for you all. This is such a loving tribute to your Mum



Sending you a big hug 🤗



In honor of Bev, joining the effort for this great cause x



Let's do what we can to help others in the same situation! Thinking of you all.






Anna Lot

Bev would undoubtedly be proud of the positive impact you're creating in her honour. Sending you strength and support. 💙


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Let’s make a difference!


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Lots of love from the Alexander-Tu'inukuafe whanau xox


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With much love RIP Beverley


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