Endometrial cancer trial EN.10/TAPER opens to recruitment

13 Mar 2024

The EN.10/TAPER study, a collaborative effort led by ANZGOG in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG), is open to recruitment in Australia after Westmead Hospital was activated. The trial explores ways to treat early-stage endometrial cancers with a focus on minimising side effects and costs. The goal of this trial is to change and inform practice, leading to less toxicity for patients and better utilisation of health care resources internationally. 

Endometrial cancer is a global concern. In Australia alone, incidence rates of the disease have almost doubled in the last 20 years, emphasising the need for better treatment options for women.

EN.10/TAPER aims to provide robust evidence of a new, tailored treatment that would significantly improve outcomes for these women. A total of 10 sites are planned for Australia, where the study aims to recruit 120 patients to add to the international patient target sample size of 325.

“Endometrial cancer is the most common of all gynaecological cancers and its incidence is rising rapidly. New research has identified four different molecular subtypes of endometrial cancer. We are now able to identify, though routine tumour testing, those subgroups which have exceptionally good outcomes. We can then safely withhold (i.e., de-escalate) additional treatment, thus avoiding side effects, inconvenience and cost of treatment, without compromising survival. The EN.10 trial is an international trial which will help us achieve our goal to tailor treatment based on the molecular profile of endometrial cancers, thereby avoiding unnecessary and toxic therapies.”

Prof Alison Brand AM

Principal Investigator (ANZ) - EN.10/TAPER
Gynaecological Oncologist

What is EN.10/TAPER and why is it needed?

EN.10/TAPER is an important trial responding to the significant increase in endometrial cancer cases around the globe. Notably, there's a concerning increase in cases among women under 50. The urgency to curb the growth of this disease arises from the challenges faced in managing advanced and recurrent endometrial cancer, where current treatments fail to offer adequate treatment.

The EN.10/TAPER trial aims to improve treatment strategies for endometrial cancer. The goal of this trial is to change and inform practice, leading to less toxicity for patients and better utilisation of health care resources internationally. 

Who can participate in EN.10/TAPER?

The trial may be suitable for women with POLE-mutated or p53wt/NSMP (p53 wildtype/no specific molecular profile) early-stage endometrial cancer.

It is highly recommended that patients discuss any concerns and the most appropriate course of action for participating in clinical trials with their oncologist.

Why funding endometrial cancer research is so important

Every year over 4000 Australian and NZ women are diagnosed with endometrial cancer.

Despite this growing concern, endometrial cancer research is under-researched and critically underfunded.

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