ANZGOG members meet to foster new research ideas

12 Oct 2022

ANZGOG’s Research Development Day (RDD) is just around the corner! On Thursday, 20 October 2022, around 80 ANZGOG members and experts in gynaecological cancer research will meet at Rydges Hotel, Sydney Airport. But what is this day and why is it important?

These ANZGOG members volunteer their own time to work in ANZGOG’s various committees throughout the year and will meet at the RDD for a stimulating face-to-face series of workshops and meetings to foster new ideas and develop concepts into clinical trials that will hope to enable women to live better, longer lives.

The RDD is a terrific annual opportunity for attendees representing diverse specialties and geographical locations to collaborate in person, with contributions into trial design provided by medical, gynaecological and radiological oncologists, scientists, quality of life experts, statisticians, site coordinators and importantly, people with a lived experienced of gynaecological cancer.

Early career researchers are particularly encouraged to contribute innovative ideas that can be fostered under the expertise and guidance of leading gynaecological clinicians and researchers through the Ideas Generation Workshops being held for each of ANZGOG’s three Tumour Working Groups – ovarian, uterine (endometrial) and cervical (including vaginal and vulvar) cancers. This means that ANZGOG can continue developing the younger generation of researchers who will become future leaders in gynaecological cancer research.

Concurrently, an educational workshop for ANZGOG’s Study Coordinators’ Committee (SCC) will have a focus aligned with an ANZGOG strategic goal – equitable access to clinical trials – including presentations on ANZGOG’s Patient Referral Network research initiative and the Regional Remote and Rural Clinical Trial Enabling Program.

These Idea Generation and SCC workshops will be followed ANZGOG’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the Research Advisory Committee’ (RAC) quarterly meeting, where trial concepts are reviewed and ratified for implementation.  

The RDD provides a unique opportunity to foster new ideas, support early career researchers, develop concepts further and promote collaboration, for ANZGOG’s ultimate goal of improved outcomes for women with gynaecological cancer.

Thank you to ANZGOG’s members for the work they do to enable women to live better and live longer.