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Donations like yours, no matter how big or small, ensure we can continue to advance research and save lives.

6,800 Australian and 1,350 New Zealand women (wahine) are diagnosed with one of the seven gynaecological cancers every year.

Your life changing generosity to WomenCan contributes to the cancer research programs of Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG), improving outcomes for everyone with a lived experience of gynaecological cancer.

anzgog's research impact


20 years

ANZGOG has been improving life for women through research since 2000.


over 40 trials

ANZGOG has enabled more than 40 clinical trials and studies across a range of gynaecological cancers.


4,000+ women

More than 4,000 patients have participated in ANZGOG's clinical trials.

funding research is critical

Research is the only way to make the next new breakthrough for women affected by gynaecological cancers.

Clinical trials are the only way we can demonstrate the effectiveness of new treatments which can then become available to all patients. In addition, for many women participating in the trials, like Mary, it means they will gain access to the newest treatments available for their condition.

Assoc Prof Philip Beale,
Medical Oncologist & ANZGOG Director


WomenCan fundraises for the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG), the peak national clinical trials research organisation for gynaecological cancer in Australia and New Zealand.

Our mission is to engage the community to fund research which is driven by evidence of need and an ambition to change practice, improve outcomes and provide hope.