'Wild Child’ by Elysia Nagel [photograph printed on matte smooth archival paper 34cm x 34cm white timber frame ready to hang]


Artist profile:

Elysia Nagel

Growing up in Gippsland embedded a strong love for nature within my soul. I’ve always enjoyed connecting with the environment through painting and photography.

I love exploring the softness of nature, against the harshness of the industrial world we live in. My philosophy has always been about studying everyday objects and turning them into conversational, emotive pieces of art.

Through photography, I express myself by looking at simple objects and creating something different by using the elements of design to change the shape, colour, or the orientation.

I tend to be quite spontaneous when it comes to painting. My process involves dripping paint and sweeping brush strokes. The natural formation of shapes that occur within the base layer, create the direction in which I’ll then take my work.

Through my art, I encourage a different perspective and help conceptualise a guide to view the world differently. My aim is to inspire discussion regarding the beauty in regular (and irregular) objects in our environment and help generate appreciation for the colour, form, pattern, texture, symmetry (and so on) that surrounds us.

The ordinary is extraordinary and there is beauty in everything!

'I am supporting Honour Her'.... 

I’m supporting this campaign, as I believe it’s extremely important to help raise awareness for such an important issue in women's health. It’s an absolute privilege to be involved in such a great cause that’ll help enable thousands of women to live better and longer lives.