‘When the moon touches the Ocean’ by Ingrid Kwong [acrylic on salvaged wood 25cm x 12cm]


Artist Profile:

Ingrid Kwong

Living in Pittwater on the northern beaches of Sydney, I am drawn to the bays, national park forests and the coast. I love to create sea and landscapes to capture lasting memories and connect us with nature. I mix acrylic colours on a palette often with sea and rain water and paint on salvaged pieces of timber that I find carried by sea, wind and the tides. Caring about sustainability and the environment, I hope my ‘little scapes’ inspire others to see the beauty in nature and want to protect it as much as I do.

'I am supporting Honour Her'.... 

I first heard about ‘Honour Her’ through the owner of the gallery I am represented by. Being a part of a collaboration of female artists encouraging, supporting and raising each other up is empowering and so I felt inspired to help and support women in need in a creative, healing and positive way.

My painting depicts the moon and its relationship with the ocean, the land and ourselves. Aswell as being a symbol of femininity, the moon represents the constant and reassuring rhythm of time and seasons just as it embodies our own female cycles and emotions. Connecting with nature each day restores and strengthens us offering courage, hope and healing in challenging times.

Art is a great way to connect and engage people visually and thoughtfully and I hope that through our collective creations, we can raise awareness of gynaecological cancer, support for ongoing research and inspire the journey of women in healing both physically and psychologically.


Instagram: @littlescapes

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