'Waiting for Spring' by Amy Kim [acrylic 29.5cm x 40cm on 300msg cotton paper]


Artist profile:

Amy Kim

Amy Kim is a contemporary artist based in Melbourne Australia. She creates art to discover all the unknowns in herself and the world around her. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to Melbourne in 2000 to study fine art at the Victorian College of Arts majoring in painting. She has worked across a range of creative industries after graduating including theatre design, art directing, interior decoration, graphic design and teaching.
At its fundamental core, Amy Kim’s art highlights the perfect imbalances that exist within our humanised environment. Her juxtaposition of patterns and formations describe the polarities between resilience and vulnerability, symmetry and disproportion, essence and presence. Through the recurring employment of surrealistic elements, her work is afforded the luxury of being able to concomitantly underscore and deviate from reality, so as to render imagery that unveils life’s ironic elegance.
Her line drawings are her way of documenting and narrating her daily thoughts and feelings as a female individual which relies on instantaneous, prompt and delicate yet unbroken lines. 
'I am supporting Honour Her'....
I am honoured to take part in such a meaningful 
fundraising campaign for Gynaecological Cancer. 
I strongly support WomanCan's belief that together, 
we are stronger and can makea real difference in the lives of women. 
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