There may be more if you look - Sabina Mary Morrow



Sometimes the first impression is overwhelming, until we stop and wander through


31 cm x 23 cm 


I am a printmaker from Sydney, Australia. I create a variety of work involving line, texture and colour, with many types of plates also known as matrices. These include zinc, copper, lino, aluminium and high-impact plastic, and in the case of this artwork, cardboard. To create these prints, I have used the method known as relief printing; the inks are built up on the surface rather than etched into the work. I am part of the exciting collaborative artist team of the Art Gallery on Darling, Bal-main, Sydney. My prints have been selected for exhibitions such as the Lane Cove Art Society Exhibition, Hunters Hill Art Exhibition, PackSaddle Art Exhibition, ArtEst Art exhibitions and other community based fund raising exhibitions.