Terracotta Earth Revisited - Kim Passalaqua



A reflection on travels to the Australian outback which has mostly been out of reach this year.


49 cm x 42 cm 


The textures and colours of the Australian landscape are the inspiration for my artwork and continue to influence me as an artist. The natural processes of erosion and weather create a canvas which is always changing. The colours, shapes, patterns and tones become a visual cue to create my own landscapes from these ancient surfaces and landscapes. I draw inspiration from the beauty of not only local riverine landscapes but also the harsh beauty of the raw Australian outback. During my travels to different parts of the Australian outback ‘en plein air’ painting has become an important part of my practice. When I immerse myself in these rich landscapes, with their vast horizons, I like to slow things down, to observe and search for the beauty in my environment. This immersion into the landscape creates a sense of discovery and inspiration that is endless.