‘Stronger’ by Aster Denisenko [acrylic on canvas 30cm x 30cm]


Artist Profile:

Aster Denisenko

Aster Denisenko is a creative based in Melbourne, who's creative career has spanned from art, to being a classically trained musician through to fashion design. From a young age she was influenced by her mother's work, Tatiyana Denisenko, who is also a visual artist and was educated largely by her mother in fine art through numerous art gallery trips. Aster's work is influenced by Art Deco and nouveau, using strong lines to emphasize the figure in a modern interpretation, using selection of colour to further bring out the expression of the subject. 

'I am supporting Honour Her'....

I am supporting Honour Her as a close relative was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer and through swift action is thankfully now in remission. It was the same day that I found out about her remission that I was contacted to take part and for me this felt like my way of giving back, by donating through my art. 

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