Monet's Garden - Ivana Pinaffo



36 cm x 28 cm 


I was born in North Africa and in 1970 migrated to Australia with my parents. Prior to this move, we lived in Malta where I studied English. These three countries have collided to represent my talent on canvas.
Art for me is a way of life. I haven’t gone a single day without thinking about my art, what to paint next and whom to approach etc. I started very young and would spend hours drawing and painting. I wasn’t your average outdoor girl…but I loved it. My father was very encouraging and would buy me art material instead of toys as he knew it would make me happier.
In the year 1992, I decided to take up folk art lessons and spent hours practicing brush strokes. I tried experimenting with colour mixing, broad brush strokes, thickened textures and other forms to create my mixed media work and my unique style. I love to use acrylics but also use oils, pastels and mixed media.