'Mary' by Gemma Willis [acrylic on canvas unframed 20.3cm x 25.4cm]


Artist Profile:

Gemma Willis

Gemma is an abstract painter from Sydney. She works with acrylic on canvas and draws inspiration from her experiences as a first time mother. She works with organic shapes and expressive brushstrokes that interact and intertwine to find harmony and balance on a canvas. Gemma's playful aesthetic seeks to bring joy and happiness to it's viewers. 
I am supporting Honour Her.....
My grandmother (mum's mum) passed away from Ovarian Cancer in 1999. Even though it has been 20+ years since her passing, we still miss her everyday. I was only young but still have fond memories of her laugh, her smile and her big warm hugs. I wanted to create a piece that honours the woman she was - bright, vibrant and loving. As kids we were always in her garden picking her flowers so though it was nice to depict these memories in my abstract. 

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