I Am Not Afraid - Maria Thompson



Mixed-media collage on flattened supermarket box and shipping box remnant--using paper, spray paint, gold leafing

NOTE: This item is shipped from the USA


38 cm x 46 cm 


Growing up in New York City, art has always been a calming presence in this artist’s life. With four brothers and two working parents, art was always (and remains) a way to find a peaceful resting place within the chaos of family life. Starting in 2008, Maria ran the popular Red Rhino Art Studio (now known as Only Daughter Art Studio) in Grand Forks, teaching art to children in classes held at her home. These young artists have always provided some of the greatest aesthetic insight and inspiration for Maria’s own works--with their willingness to attempt all media and techniques without restraint. Maria has never been able to settle upon just one medium, so feels that “mixed media” suits her best. A mixed-media approach to art allows different materials to represent varying facets of an artistic vision. The pieces Maria creates at a given time often follow a theme derived from beloved literature or poetry. She tries to develop that theme into as many artistic interpretations as possible before moving on to her next muse.