‘Hope, Strength and Resilience’ by Bhvinder Kaur Sidhu [watercolour on paper 26c x 36cm]


Artist Profile:

Bhvinder Kaur Sidhu

My name is Bhvinder Kaur Sidhu. I was born in Singapore and have lived in the USA, UAE and Australia.  

My introduction to painting began as a student of the University of Saint Catherine, USA. Over the years I have continued to develop as an artist, and as a result, discovered my innate ability as a colourist.

My mentors from Sydney, Byron Bay and Port  Douglas taught me to paint with love, passion and spirit. I create abstract works using oils, acrylics and watercolour pencils. When creating art, I am guided by intuition rather than pre-existing plans.  

'I am supporting Honour Her'....

I created the artwork Hope, Strength and Resilience to reflect my personal experiences both during my initial ovarian cancer diagnosis and recurrence which metastasised to my brain.   

Mental strength, resilience and hope supplements medical treatments which I am convinced protected me from adversity. 

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