‘Hope’ by Robyn Ross [oil on panel 25cm x 20cm framed]


Artist Profile:

Robyn Ross

My artistic output has spanned many years. I am inspired by people, places, textures in fruits, vegetables and flora.

My explorations in all my art, style and media are eclectic and I love to communicate through my art and share what and how I see the world.

'I am supporting Honour Her'....

My mother died of Ovarian Cancer 15 years ago and a dear friend lost her battle with gynaecological cancer more recently.

Both lost that battle far too young.

This painting is an impression of my imagination of a woman proud, strong and hopeful as both my mother and friend were in their fight.

The red hair is a tribute to my mother’s own red hair, though I smile at the thought she would think it needed to be brushed- she was always immaculate.

Website: www.robynross.com.au

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