'Her Meditation Place' by Ella Mucha [acrylic and mixed media on canvas 25.5cm x 25.5cm]


Artist profile:

Ella Mucha 

In 2017 I relocated my art studio to the Great Lakes area in NSW. Water, an almost constant element in my life and work, bestows me with a unique ability to create an emotional backdrop for the continuously changing landscape of my lake waterline, horizon, reflection of light and mood. 

”Her Meditation Place” is my interpretation of Her early morning walk by the lake. It’s Her escape to the very enchanted and soft atmosphere of it. I was driven by a strong desire to experiment with new techniques, soft colour palette, the way the paint is poured and mixed, but the core of my work remains unchanged - rich in texture, layered and nature inspired.  
Website: https://www.ellamucha.com.au/

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